It’s like a knitting holiday!

I mean, the new Twist Collective is out AND the Interweave Knits Winter Preview!  AMAZING!

pictures from Twist Collective

LOVE this- Kingscot by Norah Gaughan

picture from Twist Collective

And this adorable Cloche! Dietrich By Marnie MacLean

I also dig –

Rebecca by Fiona Ellis
Vivian by Ysolda Teague
Postwar Mittens by Mary Ann Stephens

Great issue!

In the Interweave preview I like– a lot! 

But I really, really like- the woven bands pullover.  That might be Ben’s next sweater!

Oooh- and check out Berocco’s recession special!  Some of the stuff looks totally fun. 

Now just to wait for the new Knitty!


One thought on “It’s like a knitting holiday!

  1. the new Twist is killing me…you know I want that Sylvi coat!!! Aaaaaak!!!!! I must resist anything new until after the holidays…

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