I’m in love. Again.

With knitting lace.  And I don’t want to stop.

SS 11/17/08 folded in half
I knitted pretty much all weekend, and I finished my Swallowtail Shawl! (except for blocking)

ss 11-17-08 side
And I’m in love with it. I even love the reddish border which was totally a mistake. It worked out perfectly.

SS 11-17-08 edging
I think my mom will love it.

So- the shawl isn’t blocked. That will happen tonight!! It’s tough because my mom’s birthday is December 19th. I’m not sure whether to save this for her Christmas present or give it to her for her birthday. I know there are only 6 days in between, but I’m itching for her to see this. I’ll have to give it some thought. Maybe I can whip up a hat and some mittens for one or the other. That will make the decision easier.

I went to visit Jessie this weekend! We had a great time! We hung out, watched House, and knit! We watched the entire first season except for the last 20 minutes of it!!  It was fabulous.
feet cuddling

The only thing we left the house for on Saturday was Starbucks!  Love their new Salted Caramel Hot chocolate.  LOVE it. 
Our one trip out - Starbucks.

And they have mugs that have knitted cables on them.  Jessie also pointed out to me that the actual starbucks cups have knit stitches on them.  How crazy!  Starbucks is becoming yarn obsessed!
cabled mug

On Sunday we went to a diner.  So Jersey- so fantastic!  I got like the biggest meal ever and ate half of everything.  Pancakes, bacon, eggs, sausage, and homefries.  The only thing missing was kielbasa!
The Candlewyck Diner

And back to the city to wait for the bus. 
New Yorker Hotel

I took Mega Bus there and Bolt Bus home, and they’re both pretty great.  The Bolt Bus wasn’t as crowded, but I still had a seat mate.  The last person who got on!  Grr.  I like taking the bus- 1/5th of the cost of the train, and plenty of time for knitting!  I got caught up on podcasts- Dan was laughing at me because all I had on my ipod were npr podcasts and knitting podcasts!  Oh- and a quick trip to DR got me the perfect riding companions!
the fig and cadbury chocolate.  perfect train ride.

Graet weekend!  I hope to have shawl blocking pictures for you tomorrow!!


One thought on “I’m in love. Again.

  1. You took feet cuddling pictures! How funny! I’m still day dreaming about my omelet and dumplings. Mmm.. dumplings! I watched the end of House, I hope that’s OK – we’ve still got a whole season downloaded to watch, too!

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