Last night I blocked my shawl! It’s still drying, but I visited it this morning- it looks gorgeous! I can’t wait to give it to my mom!

SS blocking- so big!
It’s huge! I called my mom and said- “I’m working on your Christmas present!” She didn’t sound that excited when she said, “Oh, that’s fun”, but I’m assuming that’s because she couldn’t see what I was working on!!

In other news – I ate a pomeranate last night. This isn’t really noteworthy except that it was weird. Like- the seeds were light red and not that smooth on top. They looked a little crystalized in side. It was weird- I still ate it, I mean- they’re only around for like 2 months and quite expensive, so I wasn’t going to not eat it, but that’s weird right?

In other(actually interesting) news I’ve been taking pictures of doors and windows on my way home for work- I’ve been taking pictures of lights, too, but I took my favorite picture of either series yesterday.
Windows and doors 7

All of them are on my cell phone, which is what I’ve been using for everything since my computer is out of commission. So- they’re not the greatest quality, but I really like them, though. They all have this grainy quality to them that makes them feel a little voyeuristic, and I love that as soon as I take a picture I can automatically upload it. Now I want an iphone!


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