Etsy Friday

I’m feeling a yarn pron etsy Friday–

SPECIAL Part of Your World Hand Dyed Angora Lambs Wool Lace Weight Yarn 765 yds Turquoise Aqua Lime Teal

Part of your world angora/ lambs wool lace weight by No Two Snowflakes.  This yarn is on special.  AMAZING PRICE!  She has shawl patterns and this amazing silk laceweight or this amazing silk laceweight!  DROOL

Qiviut Angora Naturally Hand-Dyed Pokeberry Luxury Yarn 640yds

Um, Quiviut Angora naturally hand dyed Pokeberry Luxury Yarn- 640 yards by  Stash Enhancement.  Wow- I want to spend the $176 just so I can touch it!  I don’t think I would be able to use it.  Just have it around the house when I needed some cuddle therapy.  Oooh- Love this lace weight alpaca.  Beautiful colors, and it’s much more economical!  OOOh- and she has some gorgeous handspun!

Cottage - Handspun wool and luxury fibre artyarn

Cottage Handspun wool and luxury fibre art yarn by Alchemy Fibre Arts.  I dig her hand felted nubbles and THIS.

Stitch Markers - Twilight - Edward Bella Love Blood Night Fangs - set of 6

Twilight is coming out- need some Twilight Stitch Markers by Tinker and Poe?!  I mean- perfect for bringing your knitting to the movie theatre.  You might have heard about the Firefly Stitch Markers they have on Lime and Violet.  Awesome.  Also- Monty Python anyone?

Yum.  Now I can’t stop looking –oooh!  Have a great weekend!


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