Perfect Knitting Weather

Isn’t it?  It’s the perfect snuggle under a blanket on the couch and knit up a storm.  Or in my case- put 750 yards of wool into a ball.  That took FOREVER!  But it’s worth it!  I started another Christmas present.  It’s a secret because a certain person reads my blog, but if you’re wondering how far along I am- I did take a picture of the back to show you.  Here’s the ravelry link.

backside of kiri's beginnings

I’m really liking the yarn!  It has lovely bits of red running through it.  It’s 731 yards of Maple Creek Farm 100% Merino in “Willows”.  Maple Creek Farms is definitely one of Jessie and my favorite booths at Rhinebeck.  We always buy a ton there- and always go back again and again. 

I finall finished Hilary’s hat- it had been waiting for a pom-pom for awhile!
Hilary's Hat- finis!

But I could finally make the pom-pom because I finished her fingerless mitts to go with them!
Hilary's fingerless mitts1

She’s very happy- and will be very warm!
Hilary's ensemble
and it matches her purple shirt very well!

Oh- and if you want to see the thumb gusset
hilary's mitts- thumb gusset

They were a really quick knit once I committed. And a perfect in between shawlz!


Have a happy weekend!  Stay warm!


2 thoughts on “Perfect Knitting Weather

  1. Thanks again for my mits and hat! My hands stayed so warm while typing yesterday and my head has been nice and warm!!! Got so many compliments on the train home last night. 🙂

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