No knitting news

I hurt my arm.  It was dumb- I got a lot of books out of the library and then I carried them for the mile walk home on one arm.  TOO many books- seriously.
library haul
Anyway- I wound 750 yards of yarn into balls on Saturday after that, and my arm was throbbing. I totally freaked out- thinking I gave myself tendonitis or carpel tunnel because I had never had pain this bad before from knitting! Just as I was getting so upset about not being able to finish my Christmas knitting and knit a sweater I moved my despair to my knitting books I just had gotten out of the library- I carried those things and now I won’t be able to knit anything from them! – oh. oh duh. So, I’m resting it until tomorrow. No new knitting pictures, no real crafty anything. It’s been a pretty boring couple of days. I did dye my hair!–

I dyed my hair!
It’s Henna from Lush. I’ve been meaning to do it for 2 months and just got around to it.  I like it.  It feels good for the late fall/ winter.  I’ll probably let it go back to blonde in the warmer months. 
pinks and browns
I’ve just been hanging out at yarn shops- thinking of things I could be knitting.  It’s rough.  I think I can handle 4 days of no knitting.  29 days until Christmas, though.  That’s only 28 more knitting days for me!  I’m going to have to start really banging things out once I’m up and knitting again!  Maybe I’ll sneak a little knitting in tonight- (don’t tell Ben!)


One thought on “No knitting news

  1. How bizarre is that for realz, I was on the NOBLE website (card catalog for North Shore libraries) looking for Scarf Style this morning to pick up from the Salem library only to find it saying “Due back 12-6-08” and now seeing that YOU are the one who has it out! Ahhhh! This internet is too small!

    (take your time with it, I can’t start any projects until after Christmas anyway 🙂

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