Still recovering from one holiday…

But I’m getting ready for the next one!
heel  of slipper

This is a heel of Ysolda’s grown up booties knit in Knit Pix Wool of the Andes.  It’s been a really easy pattern to get through, and I think it will be a very cosy slipper!  It’s for my cousin in Georgia- II felt like wintery things might not get a lot of wear, but I’m pretty confident about the slippers.  I have to start making my other cousin’s hats.  I’m not sure when I’m going to see them this holiday, so it might be a mailing extravaganza a few days before Christmas!  Let’s hope not anyway. 

I have been doing some other Holiday knitting, but I’m afraid you’ll have to go over to Ravelry to see pictures and details.

I’m still working on my dad’s present, but he’s going to have knee surgery after Christmas, so I’m thinking about knitting him a pillow.  Maybe it’ll have a snarky saying on it.  I mean, this also might be an excuse for me to buy KnockDown Knits.  It’s a pretty awesome book, and I always flip through it while I’m hanging out in bookstores, but I never thought- hey- I’ll totally have a need to knit me some Roller Derby knits.  I don’t really think I’m cool enough for the book. We’ll see how it goes.

So on Thanksgiving my uncle was showing us his vacation pictures.  He was tooling around Europe in this Fabulous sweater that apparently his father bought him during the 1960 olympics.  Woah.  But look at it-
Austiran sweater from the Olympics
don’t worry – that IS Ben, not my uncle. They don’t look freakishly similar or anything.

And here are the close up motifs-

And Austrian Falcon?:

And Bridge?:
bridge panel?
I need to do some more research on the sweater, and I might graph up these motifs once I find out what they actuall are.

That’s really my crafty Thanksgiving news.   I did get a lot of Christmas knitting done in the car, but it’s never enough I feel like– I did knit on something else that unfortunately is not blogable or rav-able.  I kind of hate it, though, so it might be getting frogged, so now it’s not even interesting.  Ah well.  ’tis the season for non- blogable knits I suppose!


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