Etsy Friday

This week is totally for the birds.  I don’t know what it is, but I’ve been lusting after all things – bird.  I even went to beadworks yesterday to make myself a bird necklace, and they didn’t any bird shaped beads.  What’s with that?  There were all the little snowflakes I could want, but no birds.  I totally got some silver feathers which might end up as rad earrings.  There will hopefully be a shop update this weekend or early next week with some stitch markers – great gifts for those crafty friends!!  Anyway- onto my birdy etsy friday!!


migration . silver .

LOVE this- Migration necklace in silver by Tryst by Kerry.  I am quite fond of her stuff.  I love what she does with lockets.   And these earrings are really great.

Jan bag Wristlet - flower and birds

Love the colors in this Jan Bag Wristlet by bagonebagshop.  Totally cute.  OOh- love this hedghog wristlet, too!!

 rx flyer

LOVE this- Rx Flyer by Corid.   It’s a print of an original collage.  I LOVE it.  Actually I love a ton of stuff in her shop- I’m really digging her style.

First Snow - original mixed media painting

Check out this mixed media painting entitled First Snow by MolMolly’s.


How great is this Bird on a Branch Pillow by Bluegrassmarket.  I wish I had more gray in my decorating scheme.  Love the splash of red!

Have a great weekend!!


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