Fifteen Days

That’s all I have left.

Alana's hat 12-10-08
This is my third Christmas present on the needles. It’s a hat for my cousin. I am knitting with worsted weight wool on 11s. It’s nice and squishy right now, but I’m going to see how it turns out before I decide who it’s for. It might get a little embelishment after that.  I’m going to do more of a tam shape with it.  The color is actually much more vibrant.  I’ll get a better picture when I’m more through.

Remember the slippers?  I was entirely done with one except for finishing, and well into the other, and I realize that I was really going to run out of yarn.  Which I totally did.  I picked out the bind off and just knit from the other slipper.  Now, I have to pick a color for both toes!  I’m thinking grey.  Hopefully I’ll finish the shawl and those tonight, and then I have to finish the baby sweater I’ve been working on!!  The shower is this weekend!  Do you remember what it looks like now?
sbj DONE!

I can’t wait to see what it looks like after I’m finished sewing in all the ends and the seam!!

Only fifteen knitting days left!  At least that includes two weekends!


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