Almost a hat

So- this hat.  I knit myself a little swatch, and it told me I was knitting about 7 stitches to ever 2 inches.  I measured my head which I’m assuming is abotu average, and it was 22 inches around.  So, I cast on 76 stitches because I was beginning with a rib and wanted an even number.  I am knitting with worsted weight yarn on #11 needles, but STILL- I SWATCHED.  Which is something I totally never do for anything that’s not a sweater, but I did because we are in Christmas crunch time and knitting a swatch is better than ripping out a hat, right?

Well– Maybe.
Alana's hat 12-11-08

This is the hat so far.  (sorry about the blurry picture stop and go traffic does not necessarily mean stop.)  Anyway- it’s big and floppy and I would almost say that it’s too loose around the bottom. 

SO- I was thinking about putting a ribbon through the stitches just atop the ribbing for a little cinch action.  Purple might be nice.  OR- I could felt it a litte.  It’s not like- SUPER big, though.  Hand felting might work, but I’m worried about throwing it in the washing machine. 

I’m not supposed to be having Christmas gift drama- that’s why I was knitting a stockinette hat!

In other news- I’m almost done knitting the shawl!!!  I have like- half a row and the bind off left.  THEN BLOCKING!  It’s quite exciting. 

14 days, right?  I’m gonna make it!!


4 thoughts on “Almost a hat

  1. I always have this problem with hats! To make matters worse, the ribbing always stretches out more as I wear it– I haven’t been wearing my Porom for this reason. I tried sewing some clear elastic thread through the ribbed part but it didn’t look right, and I tried blocking it but it just stretched out again. So I was thinking of trying the ribbon idea too. But it would have to be a very thin ribbon to fit through the stitches, wouldn’t it?

  2. ah-ha, you knit in the car too! Same here………… such a good knitting opportunity……………. love the colour of your hat……………. looking forward to seeing the finished piece…………….

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