I can’t help myself

I went to Windsor Button yesterday to pick up some yarn for Jessie, and I couldn’t get out of there without getting myself a little present.

lace weight malabgrigo in Verdes better color

Isn’t it gorgeous?! I want to touch it all the time. That’s not weird right?  I brought it to NJ this weekend and made my friends touch it.  That might be bordering on weird.  Ah well.
Lace weight malabrigo in Verdes

So Ben and I went out for drinks with some people from his MBA program last night, and the knitting talk just spewed out of me. I mean, I was totally the girl at the bar talking about yarn a bit too much. No one is avoiding me- YET, but I know they’ll start if I don’t tone it down.

Hvae you seen Yarn Harlot’s post about Christmas Knitting?  Next year I’m totally listening to her!

I missed Etsy Friday, so I’m planning an Etsy Monday for later!  Stay Tuned!


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