Etsy Wednesday

Whenever Ben and I go somewhere we always end up buying a teapot.  I don’t think we’re crazy tea drinkers.  It’s that we like tea- but we also love teapots.  The shape, the fact that they’ve been around forever, and the different varieties that they come in!  They seem to be limitless in their designs.  Eventhough I don’t think we should buy anymore- there are a ton on etsy that I am lusting after. 


Med Spout Tea Pot - a 2nd

Love this teapot by Paige Russell.  How great is it that it comes WITH A COSY!!! And it’s from a recycled sweater!!    OOOH- I also love this necklace!

Teapot with bicycles

Simple and really cool- love this Teapot with Bicycles by Acero Studio.  Love this syrup pitcher too!

Fancy a Brew tea towel - lime

What an adorable tea towel this is!  Mr PS has a ton of cute and kind of funky screen printed tea towels.  Love this one.  I’m not really sure what you do with tea towels, though.

Mid Century Style Tea Pot Your Choice of Design Only One

Soule sells this mid centry tea pot with a design of your choice.  Personally I fancy her Chrysanthemum design!

Happy tea drinking!!


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