Suprise Baby Jacket – a suprise no more!

It’s finished! Well- except for the buttons, but they will be sewn on! I haven’t forgotten them!!

I went to Ben and Emily’s baby shower this past weekend, and had a blast! Gave them the sweater- marvelled over Emily’s belly- and drank some sparkling pomegranate juice (YUM!). Totally fun.

Shower Present's Outside
This is the gift prior to opening. They’re having a pond theme in the nursery, so I went with pond theme wrapping paper! (well- yes, that is just brown paper drawn on with a sharpie, but I’m now calling it wrapping paper.)

Of course, I left the actual finishing until the ride down to NJ. I was alternating between binding off the Kiri Shawl and sewing up the SBJ.
Working on stuff on the way to NJ

Of course, I forgot the buttons and thought we didn’t have time to turn back. We were early- of course. I do have until February before the sweater is going to get ANY use, so I think it’s ok.

Here’s the sweater when the actual knitting was done:
sbj DONE!

And here’s the sweater ready for baby wear!:

Emily loves it!! (picture by Jessie)  SO EXCITING!  I can’t wait to see it on the baby!


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