Trucking along

I am totally still knitting. I don’t know if I’m going to make it, but I will not give up! I also refuse to stress about it. Sounds crazy, right? Especially because there’s one present I haven’t started yet? But no- I’m gonna keep going and see where I am after this weekend. Then I might stress. I have definitely been knitting I’ve been working on Justify for SOMEONE.

Justify in "Kings Gold" 12-15-08
Justify 12-16-08
Justify 12-18-08
I’m definitely making progress eventhough it doesn’t feel like it when you have 25 more inches of stockinette before you can start the border!!

The yarn is mohair wool blend from Woolbearers in Mt Holly, NJ.
Mohair/ Wool by woolbearers tag
The colors are TO DIE FOR!  Beautiful.  I am constantly enraptured with the different combinations that are made .  I would say the middle picture is the closest to the actual color.  GORGEOUS!  I don’t think I’m going to have enough yarn to do the border in the same yarn, but I think it’ll look better that way!  I’ll have to stash dive for the border!  I’m thinking green or a nice teal if I enough of something.  It’s a – wear on the outside- piece, so I can get away with mohair! 

Also I finished the Kiri for SOMEONE.
Kiri done!  needs to be blocked!
Not to block it! I think that will be a weekend project. It’s definitely a small shoulder shawl, but my projects get a little larger every year, so we wouldn’t want to jump the gun on anything or next year I’ll have to knit everyone sweaters (KIDDING- NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!  Well, maybe for you mom)

The hats are also coming along, but they have turned out to be not very photogenic!

Snow’s coming tomorrow!  I’m so excited!!!!


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