Etsy Friday

I love Christmas tree ornaments.  And doing a Christmas tree is still so fun for me because it’s my third one away from my parents and my second living with Ben.  I mean- it’s Ben’s second Christmas tree of all time.  Can you imagine?  He still loves everything about Christmas- including the carols.  I could definitely NOT listen to Christmas carols everytime I’m in the car.  Ah well.

Decorative Black Eye Bean Ball 4cms (1.5inches) - INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING

This Decorative Black Eyed Bean Ball by Maka Le Wakan is really aesthetically interesting to me.  I LOVE the use of natural elements like in this piece made with acorn toppers or this one made with rosehips.   Love that!  If she wasn’t in France I would have to place an emergency order for XMas.  I guess it’s lucky for me that she’s international!!  GASP!  She just put up one made with chickepeas!!

Dreidle suncatcher


Love this dreidel suncatcher by Diana’s Stained Glass.  She has a ton of ornaments, but I would really like to hang this on my tree as an ornament!(yes- we have Hannukah and Christmas ornaments)

Hand Dyed Cat Ornament

How cute is this Hand Dyed Cat Ornament by Twenty Pound Tabby!!  Her black cat ornaments are cute, too!  LOVE the name of her shop!  Maybe that’s because I have a 20 pound kitty myself!!

Winter Holiday Sale - Three Carolers - Waldorf inspired needle felted standing dolls

Cute needle felted carolers by Nushkie

Happy Christmas Tree Decorating!


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