Etsy Friday

I know- I already did one, but I thought that we needed a Hannukah version!!

Need a Hannukah present for that special Jew in your life?!


A Jewish Gentleman now in technicolor

Jewish Gentleman Pillow by Pink Baby Mouse.  Who wouldn’t want this wise old guy hanging around the house?  I’m pretty sure my inlaws are not getting this for the holidays.  Oh gosh- you have to check out the cone dog pillow

vintage dictionary DREIDEL light switch cover

I really like this cute dreidel light plate cover by Tackled and Shackled.  ooh- I really dig the clipper ship version!

RECYCLED Computer CIRCUIT BOARD  MAGNET Judaica GO GREEN for HANNUKAH  and Forever After  for your FRIDGE

This Hannukah Magnet by Debby Arem is pretty freakin’ neat.  It’s made from recylced ciruit board and recycled brass jewelry.  She has a ton of great stuff like this box or these earrings.  Perfect gift for those geeky friends I have!  OH GOSH!!  Check out her menorah!!!!

Artisan Colorful Glass Hanukkah Chanukah Menorah Hand made in Israel

Speaking of menoras I love this glass menorah by Liorel.   Their stuff seems to be made in Isreal. I really like this mezuzah.


Happy almost Hannukah!!



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