Snow preparation

It’s going to snow today! And I am totally prepared!!
devil kitty hat!

How much fun is my hat!? Jessie made it for me while we were in college. People could see me coming from the other side of campus.  Jessie knit it during our winter break.  Here’s what she had to say about it when I asked her if it was her first hat:

“well… it was technically my SECOND hat because I knit that exact hat but made it waaaayy too big, ripped it out, and knit it again – isn’t that funny, because it’s still HUMONGOUS!! imagine how large it was the first time!!

And it’s Homespun and Chunky USA double stranded on 10.5 needles.  I had to do the top on US8 DPNS – it was SO TIGHTLY KNIT! My fingers ached afterwards! and then I reknit it!! ”

She must really like me!  I still love the hat, and I better because I don’t think it’s ever going to wear out!  I think she gave it to me right after she taught me to knit!


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