The calm after the storm

Well, I suppose that’s what I can say after this weekend.  Though, a snowstorm is much calmer than a normal storm.  Snow is very quiet for being so disturbing.  I didn’t go outside much this weekend- well at all, unless you count the fifteen minute shoveling session of yesterday.  It was beautiful, but alas- I didn’t take any pictures.  I was too busy knitting!  Here are a few pictures I did take-

Snowy me!
Some snow prints
snowy newspapers
Roxbury in the snow
I took these pictures on Friday afternoon as I was walking over to Ben’s office.  When these were taken the snow had only been falling for about an hour.   It’s like- a billion times higher than this now!

Anyway this weekend I got a ton of knitting (and blocking) done!
Liz's wrap 12-22-08
Dad's pillow 12-21-08 (2)
Kiri Blocked! 12-21-08
my evening 12-20-08
I can’t say much because they are all for Christmas, but the bottom picture is of Saturday evening. I was exiled to the spare bedroom after I had begun blocking out kiri on the bed, Ben decided to buy the NFL network for the evening! I don’t think the shawl was hurt by my sitting on the bed with it for a couple hours, but it was mighty good company!


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