As Christmas Draws Near

The one good thing about getting up early during the winter is the sunrise- I always forget to take a picture right when I wake up and the sky is deep red. It’s like waking up to a Monet painting every morning- what could be better? But I did remember to take one this morning as we were leaving!
sunrise with ship

I don’t have any new knitting to share, as I didn’t get anything done last night, but I was stuck waiting for the T for an hour and fifteen minutes and there were some great hats on the platform!
so many hats!

Sorry the picture is a little blurry- I couldn’t really ask them to hold still so I could take their picture. There was this one guy who I couldn’t get a picture of on my side of the track who was wearing all hand knit stuff. I was never really close to him- but a stockinette rolled brim hat and the k1 p1 scarf gave him away. He looked very cosy!

Eventhough the sun was out and the sky was so blue today- WE STILL HAVE SNOW! ALL OVER BOSTON!
Snow Boston- clear blue skies

Love it.

Tomorrow I’m off to NJ where they have no snow. Well the southern half has no snow, anyway. I’ll be around, so I’m not going to say Merry Christmas yet–


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