A little handmade in Christmas

I love decorating the Christmas tree at my parents’ house– seeing all of the ornaments that have been around forever- like old friends that you only see once a year. This year I took pictures of some of the handmade ones that we still hang every year.

Painted Sand Dollar
This is sand dollar that was painted by my Dad’s mom- my Mema. On the back it says- To Lindsey Love Mema. Totally my favorite ornament.

Wacky reindeer and embroidered box
This is a kind of crazy reindeer that I painted a billion years ago– my mom loves it and brings it out every year and refers to it as “that crazy reindeer”. Ah. The box next to it was made by my Mema, too. It’s Cross stitch (I think) using yarn and plastic canvas. It’s been with us for as long as I can remember- and it houses a variety of ornaments made in the same way-

Crossstitch scooter
a skooter

Cross Stitch Plane
a plane- a little hard to see, I know

Cross Stitch Candle
a candle

My mom’s mom’s friend Maryanne was really crafty, too, and she made these beautiful Christmas ornaments iwth beads and pins.
Handmade Pin ornament

Pin and Bead ornament by Maryanne
aren’t they gorgeous?!

I used to ride at a stable, and the mother of the own made us Christmas ornaments one year that looked like the horses we rode. This one looked like Poker who died later that year. Isn’t it really cute? It’s made out of clothespins!
clothespin horse ornament

And my Mema also crocheted some stockings-
Painted Bulb and crocheted Stocking
That other ornament is one I made in highschool. I painted a ball with a couple of poinsettas and then broke it. I glued the broken pieces to the inside of another ball! Pretty cool-

There’s more home made ornaments coming!


One thought on “A little handmade in Christmas

  1. You have some very lovely ornaments. Mine are all sort of funny, and I give them to my mom who hangs them and feels the need to explain why Hello kitty is stuffed into a train with her feet up, or teenage mutant ninja turtles (and I had to HUNT for them.)

    I look forward to seeing more of them!


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