Handmade Gift Giving

Eventhough December is always a blur of knitting and crafting to get everything done for the holidays, the best part of the whole shebang is actually seeing the gifts opened and the reactions of the recipients!  So far I’ve done pretty well with reactions! Let’s do it in the order they were gifted, shall we?

Dad and his pillow
My dad loved his pillow, though it was a little too small to use after his knee surgery. He was using that pillow and another. It looks great withthe afghan though! I may make a couple more for his birthday in January.  It is made with Lion Brand thick n quick in navy and taupe.  The back is one large cable, and the front is a slip stitch pattern.

mom with her headband
My mom got a headband. Is that what they’re called? An ear warmer. She got her big knitted present for her birthday, so I whipped this up for her. It’s really warm and quite cute I think!  It’s Lion Brand thick n quick in Taupe.  a simple cable pattern.

Here’s a better picture of the headband itself.
 Mom's headband


Hannah with her bookmark and book
Ben and I gave Hannah this groovey book about the lives of artists AND a handknit bookmark!! It’s an H! I ran out of time and didn’t block it out, but I think that being in a book will make it a little more flat.
Here’s a better picture of the bookmark:

Hannah's Bookmark

The yarn is baby Ull.  It’s seed stitch with an H in a knit and purl pattern.   Totally cute!  I am going to have to make myself one!

Becca has been knitting!  So I got her Mason Dixon Knitting (the first book)- fun stories and fun patterns!!

I have more gifts to talk about soon!




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