10th night of Chanukah

So- we didn’t quite make the gift giving with Ben’s family within the constrains of Chanukah, but on what would have been the 10th night we made it!

Mousse in motion Mouse ready
Liz made fabulous mousse– She’s like the queen of mousse, really.

 And on to the gifts! –

Michael got a sign for his new man room– which Roanne swears isn’t actually HIS room- it’s THEIR room. The sign says differently though…

oh- and it was placed in an official place of honor!
a place of honor
That’s right- ABOVE THE BIG SCREEN TV. Oh yeah- “above the big screen” is totally the new “above the fireplace”.

Roanne got her Kiri shawl!
Roanne with shawl
She was very impressed by the fact that eventhough it was lace- it was quite warm!   The wool is Maple Creek Farm 100% Merino 731 yards in “Willows”.  I couldn’t get a good picture of the color, but it’s a lovely moss green with reddish flecks throughout it. 

Here it is open-
Kiri Blocked! 12-21-08
 and the pattern is Kiri by Polly Outhwaite.  As shawls go- it was a pretty quick knit.  And it turned out larger than I though it was going to be!  A good size for working at your computer all day, I believe.

Here’s Liz’s present:
blurry Liz with wrap
(sorry about the blurry picture- here’s a better one)

Liz's wrap blocking
I started out thinking about Justify, but when it became time to join the ends and create the twist, I just couldn’t do it.  I loved the way that the yarn looked so much that I couldn’t bear to show the backside of the stockinette.  So I broke it up into three sections- knit until I had about 7 inches of each, braided, and attached in their new place.  Then I did a band with the pointed bind-off.  I really like how it came out, and so did Liz!  Though, I should be more careful next year and not post any hints about her present!  She was totally knew which one was hers!

Here she is wearing it like a scarf!
The main band yarn is a mohair/ wool blend from Woolbearers it’s 2 skeins- I probably used about 200 yards and the color way is Kings Gold.  LOVE it- the sheen is gorgeous, the colors are amazing, and it’s not super itchy!  The band is a 100% Merino Patons Classic Wool in That’s Purple or in French- Viola Pourpre.  I’m hoping that that will ease the itchiness.

Good gifting all around- Do you want to know what I got? 

Liz gave me this beautiful necklace from Etsy–
My necklace
Isn’t it charming?! I love it- it’s from seller Tryst by Kerry.  I’ve been wearing it all week.

I also got this from Ben’s parents
How awesome!! Oh sorry- might be more recognizable as this–


It was also Q’s favorite present!!

Have a happy weekend!!  I owe you an Etsy Friday!


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