Mural Mural on the wall

Ben and Emily are expecting a baby!!  We went down this weekend to work on a mural for their baby room!  The baby’s room has a pond theme, so there are an number of frongs, beavers, and dragonflies. It’s no where near finished, but I thought I’d share some pictures of the process so far–

First I took the sketches that I had done before and traced them onto transperancey paper, and then Ben (Salmon – not Weisman) put them on an overhead projector and traced them onto the wall.

mural sketches 3

mural sketches2

mural sketches

And then Ben started working on some of the leaves, and I started filling in the water.
Ben painting leaves

And this is how far we got–
mural progress 2 1-4-09

mural progress 1-4-09

I can’t wait to get working on it more!!!   We’re going back down in two weekends and I’ll finish up the background on the other two walls, and then I can start on the fun stuff- the little details.

I can’t wait to show you more!!!


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