How to be boring at parties (non- knitting parties)

You see I was going to post about something more fun than parties- like that new scarf I’m knitting, but unfortunately that’s a gift) or that new shawl I started (what new shawl?)  but you see- there simply isn’t anything.  I do have a party to go to tomorrow, and this made me reflect upon my last night out with Ben for “networking”.  You see he was talking to a girl in his class about how I’m a knitter, and she’s a knitter too, so he thought- great!  Someone for Lindsey to talk to!  Of course, he underestimated the amount of talking I did do.  So, here’s a list of things you might want to steer clear of when at a party of non-knitters.  I’m not saying I did all of these things, but.. well…  Let’s get started-

1.  Even if you are talking to another knitter, be careful not to go to far.  Let the other person in the conversation end the knitting content of if she wants to.  I mean- even if she knits she might not want to talk about the intricacies of cabling or how she just has to try lace- I have this great patter.  You can link to it on ravelry- YOU’RE NOT ON RAVELRY!  This is not the way to make a knitting friend out of a knitter who is used to knitting on her own.

2.  Don’t offer to teach everyone how to knit.  Some people don’t want to learn, and others are just being polite when they say- OH!  I’ve always meant to learn how to knit!  Giving them your e-mail address or e-mailing them afterwards is nice, but e-mailing 6 or 7 times to plan a meeting- I don’t know why they’re not e-mailing me back I’ll e-mail again!- not cool.

3.  The only topic that is worse thank knitting to blather on about is your recent wedding.  UNLESS you meet a newly engaged person- luckily I was able to find such a person, but I don’t think that it was as ok when I started talking about the things that I had knitted for my wedding. 

4.  Your husband will not appreciate it if you tell everyone at the bar that he wouldn’t let you bring your knitting into the bar.  Even if they agree with his decision, you probably shouldn’t point out that you wanted to bring your knitting into the bar or that he was able to stop you- depending on the audience.

5.  After a few beers even if you want to talk about knitting for the next hour, resist.  Listen to some of the non-knitters in your midst.  They don’t have to know that you’re thinking about that sweater on the needles waiting for you in the car.  Don’t worry- you’ll still get the ride home.

Hopes that networking event tomorrow goes better!


This is definitely a picture from a yarn party!!  (Jessie’s picture)  This is not the outfit I will be wearing tomorrow- unfortunately!!


3 thoughts on “How to be boring at parties (non- knitting parties)

  1. this made me laugh! you’re such a NERD! 🙂

    btw, kkh LOVES the had you made me and may be sending me up to your cube some day soon to commission one of her own!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

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