2008 Recap

 FOs 2008

1. Liz’s wrap blocking, 2. Dad’s pillow front, 3. Mom’s headband, 4. Kiri Blocked! 12-21-08, 5. FInished Green hat1, 6. Hilary’s ensemble, 7. , 8. porom finished, 9. another look going to work, 10. SS- DONE, BLOCKED, GORGEOUS!, 11. Emily’s hat, 12. Ben’s seaman scarf and hat, 13. 0813081810.jpg, 14. Wedding Shrug Done- back!, 15. oat nw1.JPG, 16. Miss Dalloway 1, 17. 8 / 365, 18. DSC_3000, 19. Ben loves it, 20. 0810081922.jpg

Well, it doesn’t seem that it was that big of a knitting year, but let’s run through the highlights:

-First (adult) sweater finished
-6 hats made, first pillow made
-First shawl knit and second shawl knit
-All Christmas Gifts planned were actually finished

That last one was a HUGE accomplishment, let me tell you! Not a bad year- I took a lot of the summer off, and I still have a sweater for Ben that I started in … well… this time last year.

For 2009 I plan to:

-Knit something for Q-face. She’s so adorable- she deserves some knitting.
-Knit for myself more
-Actually write up those patterns that I have been hanging onto in pure note form
-Knit everything on my baby list (it’s big- the baby list- it’s a whole other post. I mean- it’s like a baby timeline. I’m totally nuts)

I have some non-knitting goals, too, but those might be for another day. Mostly it’s to paint more- create more- sell myself as an artist more.

I think it’s gonna be a great year.


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