Not making much progress

So, I was working on Ben’s sweater until Ben requested mittens.  He said he wanted something for shoveling snow, and I got very excited about the prospect of thrummed mittens!!  Thrummed mittens- after a lengthy description and a stash dive for some fiber, he was on board.  I brougth the mittens on our trip to NJ two weekends ago and the first one was finished (sans thumb) by the time we pulled back into our driveway.

thrummed mitten 1
(They might look weird, but they are long and thin like Ben’s hands. Really. I promise they fit.)

Unfortunately for Ben’s cold hands I have not been so diligent with the second one (unsuprising, no?)


You see- I cast on for the second mitten as soon as we got home from NJ and worked a few rows. I’ve been carrying it around with me for two weeks straight, and haven’t been interested in it or my hands have been cold or something.

BUT IT’S SUPPOSED TO SNOW ON WEDNESDAY! 6-12 inches they say! If I expect Ben to shovel- I better get thrummin’!!

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