Tasty Week

I haven’t been knitting a lot this week, but I have been eating very well. I thought I’d share some of the deliciousness.

Stuffed pepper and fish
For dinner tonight we had grey sole and salmon baked with olive oil and slices of lemon and tomato on top sprinkled with Mediterranean herbs and turmeric.
To make the stuff pepper, I made Mexican rice out of a box and then sauteed cappellini? onions, 2 tomatoes, and mushrooms. I put a little rice into each side of the pepper after I sliced it in half and cut out the seeds and then threw in some feta cheese and covered it with the onion, tomato, and mushroom stirfry. I sliced an avocado and ate it. YUM!

Mexican Wrap
This is a mexican wrap made with one egg, salsa, grape tomatoes, black beans, and low fat cheese on a whole wheat wrap. Oh- and with avocado. Very tasty!

corn fritters cooking
corn fritters
I made corn fritters yesterday while we were having a snow day. I used the jiffy corn bread mix, 2 eggs, half a cup of almond milk, a dash of oil, and a drained can of corn. Delicious!!

That’s it for tonight.   I’m totally hungry.


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