Etsy Friday

This week in class it was all about font.  Where do fonts come from?  What is the perfect font for a job?  Very interesting stuff, but it’s had me looking at letters all week.  Thinking about fonts now too?


Helvetica Green Tile Coaster

If you’ve ever been to NYC you know this font well.  Helvetica.  It’s so famous they made a movie about it, and robotcandy made this coaster about it.

Your Name Spelled Out in Architecture Letter Photographs (Black and White Photos, WALNUT Frame)

I really like this.  You can have your named spelled out in photographs of architectual elements that resemble letters.  Javajane has a ton of them!

Fabulous Font Coasters

Love these font coasters.  They would really be a great gift for that graphic designer in your life.  Carolina Cottage has some gorgeous items.  If you’re a decoupager- check out her shop for inspiration!

Wooden Typewriter Keys - Beautiful Antique Ivory Keys

LOVE these wooden typewriter keys.  Actually, I love them so much I just bought them.  Check out the other things in Porkshop show’s shop.

Alphabet Shirt Small - free US shipping -SALE

I love the lettering on this alphabet shirt by Makool.  Love the cross stitchy feel with the flow of the fabric.  Totally cute.


Have a great weekend!!!


One thought on “Etsy Friday

  1. I love those typewriter keys too! Great purchase. They’d make some awesome jewelry. Perfect earrings for that stage manager in your life;) Miss you!

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