I’m feeling snowy and sleevey

We got a bit of snow yesterday- nothing earth shattering or work closing, but enough to have a delightful new coat on top of the gross black stuff that we had leftover from previous storms.

Some snow

glorious! I really mean that- I was trying really hard all day to not be a snow hater. I love snow, and I love that it has snowed so much this year, but I could not bring myself to be excited that we were getting more snow yesterday. I had to take the train home and then walk a mile to our apartment- not fun in the snow, right? But I walked through the center of town and through the common and it really brightened up my evening- the stillness of the snow and the glitz that the lights were creating made a very enjoyable walk! And I remembered why I love snow. Sometimes it doesn’t have to make you crazy-

Of course now that I’m back to loving snow it’s supposed to be 50 this weekend. Whatever.

starting a sleeve
In other news- I started Ben’s sleeves! I bet you never thought it would happen!!! (I never did either!) Well- anyway – there they are in their 20% – 25% glory. oh yeah.   I definitely love coming back to this project.  I have class tonight so this is perfect bus knitting!  The real test will be how long it takes me to cast on the second sleeve once I’ve finished this one!

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