Etsy Thursday

I’m just looking for a new pencil case.  I lug a ton of pens and pencils and sharpies around in my bag and getting them out at the beginning of class is a big oreal, so I feel like I am totally in need. 

Grazing Sheep Pencil Case

Love this Grazing Sheep Pencil Case by Rohmer.  It would also be the perfect dpn case!  I love all of the cute fabrics she has from Japan!

Zipper Pouch PEONY FLOWERS on plum purple.  Gorgeous fabric...Available also on Coral Pink.

Love this Peony Flowers Pouch by nancym4 – the plum background and the red flowers really work well together.

3in1 Organizer Clutch Purse (Lily Espresso)

This 3 in 1 organizer purse by the laughing house might be perfect.  Not only would all of my pencils fit in the middle pocket I could probably put my sketch book and planner in the outer pockets.  I might be the perfect carry all for school supplies. hmmm…

I didn’t even think of that before!

I’m going to have to keep looking!


3 thoughts on “Etsy Thursday

  1. I am obsessed with pencil cases. Always have been. Lately I’ve been using a LeSportsac cosmetic bag, because it’s big enough for ALL of my stuff. But, I used to always want those plastic ones with the pop-out drawers… remember? I think they were next to the trapper keepers.

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