Lacking Time

Do you find when you don’t have time to knit you want to constantly buy knitting supplies? I don’t know if it’s because planning makes me feel like I’m getting something done or because it makes me feel more like part of the knitting community if I’m still out there buying even when I’m not knitting, but all I want to do is buy yarn!  I have plenty of projects to plan, but I was hoping to use all of the yarn I bought at Rhinebeck before Rhinebeck this year!  So- maybe we’re just window shopping, but I found a ton of gorgeous yarn on Etsy.

3ply sock weight Handspun Ko'olina

This 3ply sock weight by Bockstark knits is a 70% merino/ 30% alpaca blend.  It’s gorgeous.  264 yards is great for socks.  Or a nice hat and mittens set!  Or a cute baby sweater!  Maybe these?

Fiery Skies Hand-Dyed Superwash Merino Worsted Weight Wool Yarn

I love the colors in this worsted weight merino by tjtunraveled.  She calls this colorway Fiery Skies.  I love the combination of greys and warm tones.  220 yards – a nice scarf?  a thick pair of socks?  mmm

APPLE ORCHARD -  Handspun Handpainted Wool Yarn mini skein

I’m totally in love with this yarn in “Apple Orchard” by Painted Moth.  I love love love the colors!  It’s handspun Punta wool.  It’s 76 yards and would make a nice pair of fingerless mitts or baby accessory.  Oooh this would be a great opportunity to check out Knitty Spin!

Desert Landscape

Love this thick thin yarn called “Desert Landscape” by Wooly Hands.  I actually love everything in her shop, but the colors in this skein really knocked my socks off.  gorgeous.  249 yards.  It would be a great hat.  or mittens!  This yarn is screaming mittens!!!

Well, that was fun.  Unfortunately I’m not going to buy any of it.  Just drool a little longer.   I wish I were knitting.

One thought on “Lacking Time

  1. What beautiful yarns! You’re inspiring me to step out of my comfort zone (Knitpicks) and start exploring the selection on Etsy.

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