Etsy Friday

Ben and I have been talking a lot about branding ourselves.  At first it seemed a little calculated- to think about how you introduce yourself to people, but I kept thinking about it and I think that I was thinking about it in the wrong light.  I mean- branding is just a term for presenting yourself consistently the same way.  Like, the way that my name is Lindseyrose on many sites- that’s a form of branding because I want people to know it’s me.  ANYWAY- I have been thinking about this in the context as a freelancer.  As a freelancer, you’re really never working, and if it’s something that I really want to pursue in the future then should I begin ‘branding’ myself now?  What would that entail?  Of course- I think the first step is getting myself a killer bag, right?  Which leads us (sorry for the incredibly drawn out path) to this Etsy Friday!

Orange Metier Tote - Work Bag

I love this Orange Metier Tote Bag by CrystalineKae– I love how it has the side flaps that can be folding in or left open.   I love the color and I like that there is an exterior pocket but it’s not overwhelming.  It would be a great transitional bag for work and school.  It holds a 15″ laptop!  AND it totally goes with these shoes that I’ve been lusting after over at Zappos.

Steel Blue Canvas --everyday purse--

I dig this steel blue canvas purse by Bayan Hippo.  I LOVE the color and the shape!  It seems like it really would be a great everyday bag.  I don’t know if it’s as professional as I’m thinking, but it’s a definite step up from my messenger bag!

NEW-- Every day Bag - Genius in Grey with Leather Strap

This Everyday Bag by Love Janice is totally knocking my socks off.  I love the pleating and that it’s grey.  It looks large enough to fit all of my papers and knitting and pencil bags!  It’s much more economical than the last bag!  Um, it also goes with these shoes I was thinking about buying. 

Sand Dollar Tote in Sea Spray - Medium

Love this Sandollar Tote by Willwaw.  Not only is it relaxed and beachy, but it’s made in RI!  I think this pattern, and her others are really dynamic and I really like her color choices.  I don’t think that this is a 4 season tote, but it’s perfect for Spring and Summer!

Gathered in Winter White Tulips (adjustable strap)

Love this Gathered in Winter White Tulips Bag by CamilleStar.  I think the pattern is funky, but still muted and grown up enough to be appropriate for client meetings.  Also- I love the name of the print. 

Do you think these are professional enough?  Did you see a cute bag that I missed?

Have a happty weeeknd!!!

2 thoughts on “Etsy Friday

  1. Drooling over 1, 2, 3 + 5. As someone in the fashion biz, who also spent a lot of time working in bags, I’m going to go ahead and chime in. I don’t think #4 is sophisticated enough – it reminds me of a LL Bean Boat Tote. However, the other 4 are definitely sophisticated. Great shapes, great color palettes, and for the last bag – great print. My personal fave is #3 followed closely by #1.

    I’ve also been trying to figure out how to brand myself as a freelancer. Also, my blog has become such a big part of my brand – it represents so much of me. But, I’m not happy with the look of it. I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about a new design concept.

  2. I think #2 and #4 are not professional, or maybe I just have something against canvas. The last one is my favorite, but since it’s not big enough to hold a laptop I’d probably go with #1 or #3.

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