Mural Update- only a week late

Last weekend in addition to meeting an adorable baby I also got to work on the mural in his room!  It’s almost finished!!! I’m going to take you on a tour- starting at the door and going counter clockwise through the room.

February 09 064
These are our three beaver friends. They didn’t really change from the last update, but I made their noses a little brighter pink.

February 09 057
Momma turtle and her turtle babies – right above the changing table.

February 09 063
This is a tree- duh you say. There are a lot of different hands in this tree. I really like it, but I need make the leaves match a little more with the branch on the other side of the window.

February 09 060
This is a fish- he is not a specific type of fish. He is right over where the head of the bed is going to be. See the leaves? That’s all me. I think there just needs to be a good transition.

February 09 061
Frogs! This is along the side of where the crib is going to be. There will eventually be little flies about the frog’s heads, but I totally forgot my finer brush (the real reason I’m not done!)

February 09 050
I did a stylized willow tree around the closet door. It’s the most free form section of the room. I really like it, and Ben’s sister, Hannah helped me paint it along with the blossoms on the lily pads.

February 09 047
Here’s the full last wall with Hannah holding her nephew.

February 09 059
And here’s a closer look at the frogs along with the lilies.

February 09 051
And here’s a better look at our friend the Heron. Ben (Salmon) thought he would look good in a top hat, but I decided against it. If one animal got clothes – they would all need clothes! I’d still be painting the mural when Caleb was starting kindergarten.

ALMOST THERE! SO CLOSE! I LOVED doing this- I’m thinking about trying to do it professionally. What do you think?


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