Etsy Friday

It feels a lot like spring in Boston today. Nice light breeze- the sun is shining and it’s almost April. I wish we weren’t supposed to get snow this weekend, but I suppose you can’t have everything. So this week I’m all about Spring–

Sterling silver Japanese Maple Seed Necklace

Love these Japanese Maple Seed necklaces by Twigs and Heather.  They are such a vibrant association with warm weather.  The helicopters coming down through the sky, littering the ground with their unique shape.  I e-mailed this shop to Jessie and we were both instantly drawn to these necklaces.

Wisteria Handpainted Cotton Yarn - 800 Yards

LOVE this Winsteria Handpainted by Spazspun.  It’s 800 yards of  100% cotton laceweight.  She suggests making a spring wrap or shawl with it, and I can’t agree with her more.  At $15 for 800 yards this is a steal.  It’s 100% cotton, and would go perfectly with any easter outfit or a cute bolero!


These Labradorite Earrings would totally perk up my jewelry selction for spring!  Bella – Bijou Jewelry has a lot of fresh and natural jewelry.  These are so perfectly Spring.

Song of My Heart Necklace

It is no secret that I am a sucker for bird jewelry.  I love this “Song of My Heart” necklace by Jewelled Blossom.  I love that by the mid morning I can hear a ton of birds outside my window.  Q face likes it too!

Hope Springs Eternal Embroidery Picture

I love small embroidery pieces like this Hope Springs Eternal Picture by Oh So Retro Design.  It’s so simple, precise, and fresh feeling.


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