Inspiration Seeking Etsy

So- I was thinking about making knitted earrings and selling them in my Etsy shop. With school and everything I have lot less free time to create things. I thought knitted earrings would be a fun little project to make. The first thing I decided to do was to look at what other people have done on Etsy.

Pins and needles for your ears

How sassy are these knitting needle earrings by sassafrass creations?  They are not at all what I had in mind when I typed in my search, but I love them!!!  She has a ton of great stuff in her shop all made with old knitting needles.    So cool!!!

Handwoven Thread Earrings-Cognac

These woven earrings by Sincear Jewelry are gorgeous.  Really beautiful colors and shapes. 

Handmade red crochet  hoops 2 1/4 inches (60mm) earrings

These Red Crocheted Earrings by Tania Nova Crochet are beautiful.  Very delicate and stunning.  I love how they look, and I can think of a billion outfits to wear them with. 

And of course there’s Bijouterie from Knitty Winter 2008.  They’re gorgeous!  It’s such a good idea. 

Oh- and there are these lovely knitted chandelier earrings from Stitch Diva Studios.

Oh and these are just lovely.

I think I’ll have to explore this further.   Any recommendations?

Does it ever feel like your to do list never gets smaller- only larger- even though you’re definitely sleeping less?  Ah well.


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