So much to knit!

Has everyone seen the new Popknits, Knotions, and Twist Collective?

So far my favorites are:

Sweetgum Duncan by Meghan McFarlane from Popknits

Sweetgum Duncan
picture from Popknits

I love the stripes nad the colors that she used.   Totally fresh looking.


Tag Along by Jodie Pirrello from Knotions

Picture from Knotions

I love the new section they have with mixed media knitting!!  I really like the Cape May Tote and the Tricorner Pincushion too!!


Cherry Fizz by Kate Gilbert from The Twist Collective

Picture from The Twist Collective

I’ve been thinking about a nice scarf to knit for the upcoming cool weather.  I’m thinking that this would look great in a nice orange sock yarn.

I love the section they have on baby knits and the great article on painting your knitted lace!!  They also  have an article on knitting with wire!!  It was like they were reading my mind before they came out with this issue!!!

Now I can’t wait for the new Knitty!!!


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