First Fridays

So I’m a total blog slacker, and I have totally been getting it for giving you guys that teaser last week and then not following through.  Sorry!  If anyone is still interested Here’s what I did-


On the First Friday of every month South Boston Galleries open their doors and put out a spread- oh and have art openings.  I had never been before- but Ben and I drove down there and had a blast ducking in and out of all of the galleries.  Truth be told- I didn’t realize how many galleries were down there!!

Our first stop was at the Boston Sculpture Gallery.   There were these amazing multi media sculptures by Bejamin Cariens that were all so different, but so emotionally stimulating, and there were these beautiful moon sculptures by Joseph Wheelwright.    It was so interesting how they were presented in a group, like a large moon calendar, and how each of them had so much personality.

The next gallery I got really excited about was the Kingston Gallery.  These pieces were done by an artist named, Janet Kawada.  Her exhibit is called Talisman.  She created these balls of string throughout her daily activities.  She used it to mark off days/ months/ years.  How many of us do this with our knitting/ cooking/ reading.  The idea of a stack of sweaters/ recipes/ or books to catalogue our lives.  How much of what we do is actually within those pieces?  I thought it was really provocative.  She’s also a fiber artist and a professor as Mass Art.

I didn’t catch the name of this gallery or artist, but isn’t the use of type in this painting- amazing?  I love how it creates the objects iwth it’s contrasts.  And I LOVE the reflections in the river.  wow.

Elisa Johns
I fell in love with Elisa Johns’s work at Walker Contemporary.  Her figurative paintings are really amazing.  Really beautiful- very quirky- everyone had a very interesting slant.  They all have so much packed into them- she creates a world where anything is possible, but skewed.  The gallery had this tea party theme going on for the opening, and they gave us delightful little cupcakes!!  Mine was red velvet with cream cheese frosting- sooo good.

I’m totally going next month.  It was so fun!

OH- and there was a couple of adorable little shops in that area, but my favorite was this crazy bead store that had all sorts of supplies and handmade things.  It was so much fun to explore everything they had in there!  I think this was definitely Ben’s least favorite part of the evening, but what can you do.  They even had this great sign out front.
Now we’re talkin’


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