Yarn- lots of yarn!

So- I haven’t been knitting lately.  I HAVE been working on a few logos, and I am currently working on a digital illustration of YARN.  I just started on Wednesday night, and I’m really enoying it so far.  Basically, we’re taking a picture that we found- I happen to have a ton of pictures of yarn, so that wasn’t the hard part- and creating  digital illustrations with them.  It’s really quite challenging, and after 3 hours of work, I do not feel like I got a lot done.

This is the original photo:

But I want it to look more like a ball of yarn when I’m done, so I’m only illustrating this portion:
noro_in_process cropped

And this is how much I got done on Wednesday night:

Not a lot– at all.  I guess you can see it taking shape.  I’m sort of in a funny place about it right now, but  I’m sure it will come out great though!  It’s a lot of little shapes and little hairs.  

In other news- Ben is gone this weekend, so other than class I’m free and easy- I’m hoping to get a lot of painting and knitting done!!

2 thoughts on “Yarn- lots of yarn!

  1. Ooh, I think it looks cool so far. What program are you using, Illustrator? I just got it, but it’s got quite a learning curve for me. I think it would be easier with a tablet, if I could justify the purchase of one, which I can’t at the moment, dang 🙂

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