Etsy Monday

So- I totally missed Etsy Friday.  You see, I wrote up this post and just completely forgot to publish it!  I completely lose.  Hope you had a great weekend!!  Happy Etsy Monday!!

There is so much beautiful stationary on Etsy.  As a rule, I cannot look through it because I have a stationary problem, and if I want to remain married I really must keep that in check.  Unfortunately for him, I would like to share some of my favorites for this Etsy Monday

Handmade Paper Canvas

These handmade paper canvases by Alma Stoller are pretty awesome.  What a great idea!  They are made out of recycled magazine pages and recycled paper and then primed white!  What an awesome collaging background they would make!!

4 Blue Bird Hang Tags

Being a sucker for tags and a sucker for birds, these Blue Bird Hanging Tags by kibbles are right up my alley.  Don’t be surprised if you see them on your birthday present.

Par Avion Gocco Art Card

This Par Avion notecard by twoguitars makes me think of my great uncle who had a paper airplane business.  I’m not sure exactly what one does with a paper airplane business, but it sounds very neat.

Bunny Notes , Handmade Eco Friendly Stationery Set , Set of 6

These bunny note cards by Secretary Mouse are made from a salvaged book.  SO CUTE!  The actual note cards have rounded corners and a bunny stamped in the corner.  Gosh.  They are too adorable.

kawaii POOP stickers set

These Kawaii POOP stickers by snew are amazing.  They totally make me happy.  I do not like her dead kitty head stickers.  They make me sad.


2 thoughts on “Etsy Monday

  1. Eek! I agree about the dead kitty head stickers, I never should have looked! Like watching a train wreck. I also like the bunny notecards, I love that one is a Peter Rabbit drawing. Someone should make notecards like that with SHEEP! Also love the bird hanging tags and agree that those paper canvases would make awesome collaging backgrounds. We’re identical this Etsy Monday!

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