We had moths

I think we don’t anymore.  I mean- I haven’t seen one for like 4 days.  You see- we were walking down the street and found this really cool trunk (it was kind of whicker- pretty light for 2 people), and we had been looking for something like it, and we brought it inside.  That was Sunday.  Ben went away on Thursday, and that night I saw two moths.  Of course, they were killed immediately (There were RIGHT near my stash!!!).  The next night I saw two more– which were killed also.  Of course, I was just figuring out that the trunk was probably the cause of this, but as it was pretty light for two people it was not light enough for me to get it out of the bedroom without the danger of it falling open.  I kept imagining hundreds of moths flying out of it and all around the room.  gross.  So Ben gets home Sunday.  In the meantime, I have taken all of my yarn not in bins and put it into quarantine.

quarantined yarn

SO SAD!  Anyway- As soon as Ben came home I barely said hello to him before dragging him into the bedroom to drag out the trunk.  We opened it on the porch (there weren’t hundreds of moths in there) and there was a weird little thing in the bottom of the trunk. Obviously where the moths came from. Then he got into the moth killing action.

Mighty Moth Hunter
Sure it doesn’t look scary to us- but to moth’s. I bet Ben and his broom are their worst nightmare.

We’re pretty sure he got the last one, but for now the yarn is still quarantined.

It was a pretty close one. Very scary, but it seems that everything’s ok now.


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