Etsy Friday

On Easter Sunday I have a large clan of family members coming to my house.  It’s Ben and my first time hosting a big family holiday for the extended family.  I am very excited, but also I’ve been doing nothing but brainstorming decorations.  (yeah- I know I should totaly be cleaning).  Of course- I have turned to Etsy.

moss terrarium (minerva)

I LOVE these moss terraniums by Maeby Mavis.  I think they are a great solution for me because I can’t keep plants alive.  Please don’t give me a plant as a present.  I will feel horribly guilty when I have to throw it away.  ANYWAY- She has a ton of beautiful jars to choose from.  Check them out!

11x14 Housetop View Recycled Paper Collage Print

This Recycled Paper Collage Print by Art and Philanthropy is beautiful, eco friendly, and it screams Salem to me.  She has some adorable home goods, too!

Miss. Noble...placemat

Petek Guven has a series of these placemats and I LOVE them!  How clever!!  Her shop is filled with interesting food related items.  Some are a little creepy, but I can get behind that.

mod flowers tablecloth

I love this table cloth by Margot Bianca.  Her Batik fabrics are beautiful, and she’s doing a shop revamp that should be live in April. 

Felt Apple Coasters - 4 Pack

These apple coasters by Little Fluff Stuff are SO ADORABLE.  Perfect for entertaining. 

Well- I’m almost ready!  I have two weeks to go!

Have a great weekend!!!


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