Hey muffin

I’ve been craving carrot muffins. I think it must be that Easter is coming, and carrots are such an Easter staple. I was searching for recipes and came across this one.   It calls for currants and pecans, both I already had in my pantry!  It was fate.

mix in carrots
The batter with the three cups of carrots. I grated them by hand. I really need a food processor!!

batter ready to bake
This is the batter with all of the add-ins. Ready to bake! At this point, I tasted the batter and it was pretty tart, so I added in about 2 tablespoons of honey. yum!

carrot muffin- on the ride to work
In the morning I had the perfect little breakfast. They were a great amount of sweet and filling.

sweet potatoes and pecans
Last night I ate two with my dinner which was mashed sweet potatoes and pecans. YUM!


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