Etsy Friday

I’ve been surfing Etsy for presents all week. Here are a few things that might be ending up in my friends’ mailboxes!!

Hedgehogs and Woodland Friends Mini Notes

These Woodland Friends Mininotes by Pampered Papier would be perfect for .. um.. anyone!  I mean- they are too adorable!  At 2″x2″  They’re great for gift tags!

Squirrel Card or Coin Pouch

This Squirrel Card or Coin Pouch by Vegan Craftastic is absolutely perfect for a gift card accompaniment.  I love the colors of the squirrels- AND it’s so nice to see squirrels again after the long winter!!!

Merry (print)

I love this print by Yardia.  Her drawings are so beautiful, and I always enjoy the quotes she pairs them with!  I love this one also.  Who doesn’t melt when Darcy says “I only thought of you”. 

forever and a day .

Forever and a Day by Tryst By Kerry.  A reproduction vintage French medallion that reads “Love you more than yesterday, less than tomorrow”, en francais of course!  I LOVE all of her stuff!  This is a reproduction of a vintave French medallion.  It translates to “Love you more than yesterday, less than tomorrow.”  So sweet.

WHATEVER YOU ARE, BE A GOOD ONE ceramic egg with hand stamped text -abraham lincoln quote

I’ve always loved this quote by Abe Lincoln, and this Stamped Ceramic Egg by Palomas Nest would be a great graduation gift.  And it’s super cute.  Ooh- or her I am still learning stamped bangle bracelet.  Or as Michaelangelo put it “Ancora Imparo”.

ANCORA IMPARO - i am still learning - wooden bangle bracelet with hand stamped text - Michelangelo quote

Have a great weekend!!


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