My knitting mojo is back

Really!  I’ve been knitting!
Shipwrecked 4-21

I can’t tell you much about it- it’s a present, but you can totally go to my Ravelry page.

I can’t wait until it gets bigger!  I need to get some circular needles for it!!  It was the perfect project to pull me out of my knitting rut!  Now I just need to finish it by Memorial Day!!

In other news Bob and I pressured Ben to eat Saag Paneer.  He thought it was delicious, but a little spicy.
Ben loves saag

Here’s a few of the people we had at our Easter Celebration…

April 2009 002April 2009 003April 2009 006April 2009 007

I’m missing about 6 people who didn’t get into these photos.  Not a bad crowd!  I don’t have a lot of pictures of the Seder or Easter dinner.  Probably because I was running around a little crazily.  It was great to have everyone over!  And it was the first holiday Ben and I hosted as a married couple.  I think I’ve been signed up to do the next 30!  Certainly not a bad gig when everyone else does the dishes!


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