Etsy Friday

Jessie’s coming to visit this weekend, and we’re heading to a sheep shearing festival in Waltham!  I am totally excited!  I’m pretty excited about seeing all those sheep, and I can’t think of a better theme for this Etsy Friday!

Baa Baa Sheep - Eco-Friendly, Recycled Greeting Card with Envelope

This handmade recycled Baa Baa Sheep Card by Ruby Recycled is just too adorable.  I love the retro floral pattern of the sheep!Spring Lamb- Print

This Spring Lamb is a print of an original watercolor by Amber Alexander.  I love the colors in this piece and how she really captures the personality of the lamb. 

OOh- speaking of lambs, check out Kristin Nicholas’s blog for some awesome lamb and sheep pictures! 

How much for that Lamby in the window-vignette

This Sheep Vingette by Parsnip Made would be super cute with practically any decor.  Modernist or Traditionalist, it’s funky and sweet.  There’s a great deal $25 for two vignettes– I kind of want a sheep in blue and a pig in yellow. 

Border Leicester Fleece Fresh off the Sheep

I am not planning on bringing home a fleece tomorrow, but if you’d like to Farmhouse Weavers has Border Leicster Fleeces

Hand Embroidered Sheep - Fabric Covered Buttons

These hand embroidered sheep buttons by Buttered Parsnips are so cute- I want to knit something sheepy just to have an excuse to buy them!

sheep ewe lamb sun scrimshaw technique resin brooch pin

This Lamb and Ewe Pin by Moosup Valley Designs would be a great Mother’s Day present.  The work that went into this pin is pretty astounding.  She creates it using a hand carving, casts it in resin, and then stains the piece.  It looks like she’s going to stop creating new jewelry.  She has some really lovely things.

Woolly - Brooch (bright)

This brooch by Kristin Freeman would be a great shawl pin!  If I ever finish a shawl for myself, I might have to get it!


These Animal Button Stud Earrings by Airport Love Story are so adorable!  She seems to be out of the sheep, but I would be cool with a pair of sheep and a pair of hedgehog earrings. I kind of need these.


Have a great weekend! 


OH!  There will also be Morris Dancing at this festival-

Only in England ... a lady Morris Dancer from the Marlings Morris team

Nifty Knits makes these cute knitted dolls, and she has three different versions of Morris Dancers!


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