Shearly Delightful

Jessie came to visit this weekend, and on Saturday went went to a Sheep Shearing Festival! It was in Waltham at Gore Place.  It was a beautiful day- quite warm.  I’m sure the sheep were quite happy to be getting sheared!

The festival was a ton of fun! We got to see some shearing…
April 08 009
It’s amazing how the sheep just lets herself be wrestled around.
April 08 012
That’s from just that one sheep
April 08 013
The handed out pieces of fleece to the kids

We watched some Morris Dancing…
April 08 026
April 08 027
Jessie decided we wanted to be Morris Dancing so we could wear these costumes.
April 08 040
The Maypole!!
AND when we went back to the yarn tent, and there were some Morris Dancers giving us a little show.

Ate some Polish food…
April 08 031

And of course, I bought some yarn…
April 08 050
(from this big pile of hand-dyed yarn, I did not buy the big pile of yarn- eventhough I would have liked to)
April 08 061
This is the pile of yarn I did buy. mmmmm All from Minds Eye Yarns in Porter Square.

And just had a really great time…
April 08 042


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