Etsy Friday

At the Sheep Shearing festival we got to see a fantastic lace demonstration.  It was really incredible, watching these women weave these incredibly delicate pieces of lace.  It makes me want to begin making lace, but I do not need a new hobby, so I’ll have to stick to knitting lace.  I have been going a litte lace crazy.


This Greer Lace necklace by Tree and Gimball is a really clever idea.  It makes me want to go get pieces of antique lace and turn then imto necklaces!  I love the shape and feel of this one.  I also like the minimal beading. 

Lily and the Lace Web, Print

Lily and the Lace Web Print by Marmee Craft.  I love the detail in this piece.  I really enjoy the whimsical old fashioned feeling in her work.

Textile necklace in Green, Blue and Antique Lace

I love the colors in the Lace Textile Collar by Malam.  What a beautiful piece.

Buttercup Yellow Lace Anything dish

This yellow butercup lace platter by Deborah Gordon would have been so beautiful on my Easter table.  She uses antique lace to create the texture on the plate and then glazes over it.  It would be a beautiful dish for anything.  Great Mother’s Day Gift!

Teal Rose Beaded Bobbin Lace Earrings

These handmade lace earrings by  would be such a fun spring accessory!  In the last picture you can see how the lace is made, with dozens of bobbins!  It’s pretty incredible!