A Venetian Rivalry

Titian, Flora, about 1516-18. Oil on canvas

I went to the MFA’s exhibit of Titian, Veronese, and Tintoretto works.  It was amazing.  If you’re in or around Boston GO!  It runs until August 16th, and it’s going straight to the Louvre from the MFA.  Each room was filled with beautiful pieces, more amazing than the last.  The curators did a great job of setting the scene for you, and giving you real insight to how the rivalry between these three painters played out. 

File:Titian Self Portrait.jpg  
              Titian                                        Tintoretto                         Veronese        

It’s a pretty interesting story.  Titian, the official painter of Venice, has pretty much created his own style of painting that everyone is dying to own.  Then a couple decades go by and Tintoretto shows up.  He’s a young, brazen, but talented artist who rivals Titian.  He storms onto the art scene, demanding to be heard.  Veronese comes 10 years later and expands the rivalry, acting more as a Titian disciple.  The way that the curator chose to group their paintings together gives you a real glimpse of how they played off each other, critiqued each other through their work, and ultimately admired what each other did. 

The show is awesome, and if you’re in/ near Boston you should totally go see it.  AND the MFA students final exhibit is up.  It’s weird.  It’s young.  There was one artist whose stuff I really liked, Lauren Warner.  Check it out.