Etsy Friday

Magnolia Blossoms- People are blogging about them, worrying about them, and really enjoying them.   I feel like they totally warrant an Etsy Friday before they leave us!

This is How I Remember It- Original Signed Photograph

“This is how I remember it” by Alicia Bock.  Beautiful colors and textures.  Her work is so beautiful!

Magnolia in Vase by Leslie Macon original oil painting

This original painting, Magnolia in Vase by Leslie Macon.   What a simpley lovely painting. 

Blooming I Have Known - Japanese Magnolia Edition

This Magnolia Pouch by Umber Dove is so cute.  I simply adore the freehand machine embroidery!

SALE - Magnolia Post Earrings

Stell magnolias, anyone?  These are actually oxidized silver earrings by Kriya Davis.  Beautiful.  AND onsale.

red rabbit and magnolia bowl

This Red Rabbit and Magnolia Bowl by One Black Bird is simply divine.  I LOVE the color.  Click into the post to see the rabbit painted on the bottom!!  I would never be able to put anything into this bowl if I owned it. 

Felted light (Magnolia)

These felted magnolia lights by Helene Maggnuson are precious.  What a great idea!  They would be a beautiful addition to an outdoor party, childs room, or just to spruce up your window. 

Happy Spring!


It’s been a slow week

Well, craftwise, it’s been a slow week.  Life wise, it certaintly hasn’t!  Ben has officially finished his first year as an MBA student!  Cinco De Mayo was a blast!  It might be a made-up holiday in actuality, but I’m all for any excuse to eat Mexican food!  And I am done my Photoshop Module!  On Monday we start Indesign- should be fun!!  I had a little bit of a freak out about my final Photoshop project, which turned out to be much simpler than I made it out to be.  And I’ve been knitting away!
 Shipwreck 5-8-09

Thank God the situation is over at Wesleyan is over! 

There’s a very interesting article in the Boston Globe about knitting to help your brain function!

As an avid Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me listener, I was properly appalled when Mo Rocca dissed handmade sweaters, and delighted when he was presented with a lovely handmade one, AND put out an apology!

I’m going down to New Jersey tonight to spend Mother’s Day with my parents!  I’m not sure exactly what we’re going to do, but it’ll be great to see them!  I was totally a slacker daughter, and did not finish my planned Mother’s Day present, but I have something up my sleeve that should be well received!  I think I packed enough:

The present is going great!  And just in case I finish it (not likely) or can’t find the needles I need (totally likely),  I might need to start Ishbel on the ride home.  I need 8,9,10, and 10.5 cirulars to finish the present, so searching I went- into the pile of needles that I keep near the tv (for easy access, of course), and I found 4.  I don’t really want to talk about how I should be worried that I only found 4.  I mean- how many ufo’s do I have lurking around that my circular needle stash has been so diminished?!   I’m not thinking about it, and certainly not figuring out where they all are- moving on.  SO I pull out these 4, and my handy dandy needle gauge checker and checked all of the needles.  They are ALL 7’s!!!!  ALL OF THEM!  And I don’t even need 7’s!!!!  UGH!  I couldn’t find any others!  NONE!  UGH!  So, we’ll see where I get. 


Have a Happy Mother’s Day and a great weekend!!