Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day was a blast.  I was down in NJ visiting my parents.  We had a really great day on Saturday- went for a long walk, and out to a pub.  Totally fun! 

Unfortunately, I had to catch an early train to NYC to catch my bus on Sunday, so my mom and I went to Mastori’s for breakfast. My mom wore her swallowtail shawl that I made her for Christmas!  I hadn’t seen it since I gave it to her, and I had forgotten how pretty it is! 
Mom and her shawl closer

Mastori’s has the BEST CHEESE BREAD EVER. DELICIOUS!  I couldn’t buy any to bring home because it wouldn’t have survived the ride- I would have eaten it all!  That bread underneath the cheese bread is the cinnamon bread.  That’s good too.  Not cheesey though.  I hear they make French Toast with their cheese bread.  It must be amazing.  I decided I couldn’t get it after I ate so much cheese bread already.   Oh gosh – now i can’t stop thinking about it.  0510090940.jpg

ANYWAY Then we headed to the Hamilton Train station.  What’s really cool about Hamilton is that there’s a sculpture garden there, and they have sculptures We had like half an hour to kill, so we drove around and looked at the sculptures.  These were our favorites- (Sorry I don’t know the names and artists! )

After that there was just a lot of traveling, some knitting on the sidewalk of NYC while waiting for my bus, and a lot of knitting on the bus!  And a lot of podcasts.


2 thoughts on “Mother’s Day

  1. I love Grounds for Sculpture! The landscaping is gorgeous, and I especially like the sculptures that are life-sized versions of famous paintings like Renoir’s Luncheon of the Boating Party (I forget the artist who does these). I need to go back there soon!

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